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 DAM, Another One

  By: eddie

No excuses this time, I didn't get the comic done. To make amends to those who aren't completely fed up with us, I present to you a preview of the next comic, as well as a temporarily altered update schedule.

The comic that this is previewed today will be put up on the 10th. A new comic will be put up on the 20th. Another comic will be up on the 1st. Also, expect a big announcement on the 1st. Now to get on my lazy ass and draw.




  By: radoon

Well I did something stupid earlier this week... Cut my thumb open with a knife while making supper. 6 hours and 6 stitches later, it's sewn up. What really sucked was that it was a beautiful day outside and I was going to go for a bike ride. Now I have to wait probably another week before I can. Plus I can't play Rock Band. *fail*

Anyway, comic related news...... See Eddie's post :P



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