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 He asked for it

  By: eddie

Well, I could have done some other things for the art, but radoon called the first female character, so I gave it to him.

This one turned out a lot better than the last, I think. maybe its because I spend too much time drawing female figures over male, maybe because it was just one drawing, or maybe because I'm actually developing talent.

My guess is number 1, but we'll see.

Live in the imaginary world, it's more fun.



  By: radoon

We're on schedule! Time to celebrate!

...Okay, maybe not yet. At least we're starting off well - let's just hope we can keep it going.

This comic stemmed mostly from me playing around with Comic Life as I was waiting for Eddie to submit some art to me for the first comic. I was afraid of the mysterious "idea" he had for the last panel, but I think I won - I get the breasts FTW!

Next comic will be posted Sunday/Monday... depends when I feel like posting it because, guess what! It's already done. I think we're getting good at this ;)

That's all I have for now. I'll talk to you again in a week.



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