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 Touch the Picture!

  By: eddie

Can't blame me, I didn't draw it!

Honestly, this is not nearly as disturbing as the fact that the game would make the pictures you drew deform, stetch, bounce, jiggle and pulsate. However, I think that kind of thing can get you kicked off of the internet, (they have some pretty strict standards down at the internet) so we opted for the still picture.

I've got some fancy, uber-thin drawing pens now, so it'll make my drawings that much more fantastarific. Look forward to the next comic which may or may not be completed before the next meteor shower.

Logic is for the weak.


 Be wary... very very wary

  By: radoon

I don't know what to say about this one, other than Keith seems to like his penises. Um... ya.

I just got back from an Engineering competition in Victoria, so I'm tired and sick and trying to catch up with all my homework that magically appeared while I was gone. The girlfriend is also on the top of my list as I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with her. So many things... :S

As long as Eddie gets the art done in time, we should be able to keep up our weekly postings - yay! As for me... back to homework.



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