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 Facebook pwned :(

  By: radoon

Okay, well... the script from this one came from IRL. It was an actual conversation between us during the pre-comic stages of z2012. It doesn't really have a back story other than he was working on some initial artwork.

Speaking of Facebook - why is it so addictive? I joined right after going to WEC two years ago to keep in touch with some people I met. Then it turned into a full-out addiction and its only gotten worse since. Luckily, I'm not as bad as some others out there. I can at least pull myself away for a day if need be. Also, some people are out of control with their Facebook Applications... Like really, I don't give a shit about being a Zombie or what my sex colour is. Seriously, I might have to start removing friends that keep sending me those damn invites.

Oh, almost forgot (again)... Forums should be coming soon, it just depends when I can find the time to put the final tweaks into it. You'll be able to actually respond to the random shit I've got to say here.

One last thing - I just want to state how proud I am of us for actually keeping a steady schedule. I don't know how we've managed.... I just hope we can keep it up. (We're doing better than VG Cats, FTW!)



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