Fatality FTW

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  By: eddie

After finally joining webcomic ranking sites, we've posted voting incentives, so that anybody who loves our comic and wants to show it can be rewarded for voting for us.

The first one is "Mystery Girl", a yet-to-be-named girl who may become a new character. If you like her, hate her, or just want to see more of her, give me a shout on the forum, in the "Mystery Girl Discussion" article.

For Rum!


 Blood and Gore FTW

  By: eddie

Well, it took long enough, but we finally made another fully drawn comic. It turned out rather well, particularly the last panel where I got to make it extra gorey. Also, for anyone who might complain that I didn't put pupils in the eyes, look at MK2, and you'll know why.

I also would like to point out the same thing radoon did, that indeed, we do have a store. There's a shirt there that sprung from my sporatic creative genious, which says everything that anyone will ever need to know about your decision making processes in 3 fantasticastic words.

To clarify what radoon meant about using the money we gain to maintain the store, obviouly, he meant it will mainly go to improving the comic, funding an upgrade for the store so we can offer more of a selection, and also on hookers and blow. Especially the hookers and blow.

The upcoming storyline will be great, and it's going to have something we've been sorely lacking so far, Boobies! I suppose there were some in the 2nd comic, but these won't be attached to radoon this time.

Why? Because it was Tails!


 pwned... :(

  By: radoon

First off... yay, we're back and a day early!

Big News for this week: We now have a ZED-2012 store. You can visit it at www.cafepress.com/z2012. So far we have a shirt design that Eddie came up with (and I threw my Photoshop skills into creating) called "It Was Tails", a basic ZED-2012 shirt, and a ZED-2012 wall clock. We're going to use this store for ideas that we come up with that deserve to be on shirts, buttons, stickers, and other things. Some of you know that I work on some music, so when I get enough made to fill a disc, I'll put that in the store too. Once we get some sales going, we can upgrade our store and make it a lot better. We plan to keep the prices low and use it mainly to finance the store itself.

I can't think of anything else right now, other than we should have another comic done in a week. We even have a storyline coming up!



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