Ctrl+Alt+Del Bashing

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 Definately Not Sarcasm

  By: eddie

I definately don't have any respect for Ctrl+Alt+Del at all, what with the huge fan base it's managed to accumulate in a medium that is flooded with competitors, especially when it comes to gaming webcomics. I definately am not impressed that he is able to make a living on a webcomic, and I definately think it would be absurd to think that our webcomic has been influenced by CAD at all.

Oh, and it's even more absurd to think that this comic is a response to, or in any way related to this one.

Have a Pleasant Day


 FYI: We (heart) Ctrl+Alt+Del

  By: radoon

It's been a while since we got the last actual comic up... sorry about that. We're finally getting it right and things should be moving a lot faster now. We've got some stuff planned out already which should help.

Anyway, this comic was a bit of an inspiration from Dueling Analogs comic. It's fun to make fun of something you love.

Check out Ctrl+Alt+Del at www.cad-comic.com. Really, they don't suck that much.



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