About ZED-2012

ZED-2012 is a webcomic about different things, but mostly anime, video gaming, and other geeky stuff.

If you're trying to figure out where the name came from, you should stop now.
It's basically an inside joke that we (and about 75% of the people we've talked to) found amusing.

The People Behind ZED-2012



The Visual Medium Expression Engineer

I'm on an internship in B.C. I like to pretend that I can draw, work on cars, watch anime, play video games, and take over the world. These mountains are blocking my view.

email: eddie [at] z2012.com


  Writer / Webmaster

My part in ZED-2012 is to run the website and come up with story ideas, as well as final compilation of artwork and creating backgrounds.

I am in my 3rd year of Computer Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. My interests include anime, manga, Japanese culture, video games, computer programming, and web design. My personal website is at www.radoon.ca and it includes the different things I have completed and my anime/manga/video game collections.

email: radoon [at] z2012.com

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