6 Days Through Studying Math...

  By: radoon

So I decided we needed to post something new since we've been on a hiatus (right after we said we had stuff coming up soon... guess that was a little quick of us to say). Simple explanation for why we haven't posted anything new is that we've hit final exam time and neither of us have had time to work on the comic. We're sorry. Really. We'll make it up to you starting in May.

Anyway, the last day of classes was last Monday, and I've pretty much only been studying math. Too much math. It doesn't help that I write two exams in the same day, math being one. I took a little time off here and there to "study" a bit for my other exam that day. This other studying mostly involved getting my Verilog HDL microprocessor to work properly with great success. Now all I have to do is learn more vector fields and infinite series -_-^. At least I know my differential equations now. BTW, I'm on my 27th page of study work now.

Back to the studying. Talk to you all again in a few weeks.


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