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  By: eddie

I think Randall Munroe was the master of the minimalist webcomic comedy approach. Here is our tribute to him, with our own little engineering twist. If you haven't already, go see his comic, love it or hate it. http://www.xkcd.com

And no, we aren't dead, and yes, we are slow. Apparently drawing requires concentration for more than 15 minutes at a time. No one told me that when I signed up! Next comic should be up in less time, but no promises on the one after, I've got a few school-related deadlines coming up.

On another note, last weekend, I went to a Saskatchewan Roughriders game, and Dark Knight in the same weekend. I'd love to say Dark Knight was the highlight of the weekend, but I can't. Not to say Dark Knight was a bad movie, but the football game was amazing. I'm yet to experience a more dedicated and intense set of fans than Rider fans.

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