By: eddie

Well, despite its best efforts, the evil super-bug that managed to attack me last Monday, has yet to kill me. It has however managed to limit me to one good eye, one good ear, and one good breathing passageway. That and it has managed to make me almost hibernational, what with sleeping almost 16 hours a day.

Therefore, I present to you the picture I managed to make in order to maintain the illusion of a regualr updating schedule, which gives a somewhat close representation of what I looked like on Sunday. I call it: Eddie, The Diseased Hobo, due to what I believe is an accurate description of what my actual person looked like on Sunday.

Of course, radoon felt it necessary to modify it to his liking, so I would title the comic, "Eddie: The Diseased Hobo, featuring Mr. Attention Whore."

That gives me an idea...

Anyway, past that, the next comic may still not be completed on time for next week, what with the lingering illness, and the mounds of homework caused by it, but I'll try my best.

Sickness is there to remind you that life is trying to kill you.


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